EM51A Animation Controller

Hi-Fi Audio with Multiple Synchronized Control Outputs
The EM51A supports stereo MP3 audio conforming to the ISO 11172-3 standard with CBR/VBR up to 320 kbps for the best sound quality. After being triggered the system starts to play the animation audio and toggle multiple control outputs at preset moments. These outputs are typically used to control external electrical/electronic devices such lights, solenoids, motors, valves and etc. When not triggered the system can be configured to play ambient audio (a different MP3 file) continuously.

Versatile Trigger Methods
The animation can be triggered with push buttons, pressure floor mats, switch/relay closures, alarm/motion sensors, PLCs and etc. Two trigger inputs are provided (although they trigger the same animation program): one for dry contact closures and the other is opto-isolated. Trigger polarity can be reversed with a DIP switch setting.

Class D Power Amplifier & Line Out
An internal class D power amplifier is standard on the EM51A. Due to the high efficiency of class D amplifiers external cooling is usually not necessary. Line level output is also available for feeding external power amplifiers in case more amplification is needed than the internal one can provide.

Removable Flash Card Storage
Audio files are stored on a removable flash card making it easy to change audio contents in the field. The animation program is, on the other hand, stored in the systemís flash memory (not removable).

Standalone Operation & Easy Installation
The EM51A is totally self-contained in terms of operation. Installation is quick and easy thanks to the detachable screw terminals. No connector is required for wire connection.

Built Tough & Reliable
Built with industrial grade components and housed in rugged metal enclosures, the EM51A will provide years of reliable operation even under the most harsh conditions.

Teach-n-LearnTM Programming Method
The EM51A allows the user to do animation programming with nothing but the controller itself. Built-in push buttons are used to activate outputs and play out the animation for the controller to learn while the audio is played simultaneously. A DIP switch setting can lock the system and prevent the erasure of the animation program.

Optional Accessories

Automatic Time-Triggered Audio Playback
Automatic time-triggered audio playback is possible by controlling the player with an optional TMR-08 Weekly Event Timer. Each weekday may have a different program of events.

Remote File Management
When equipped with the QuikWave Remote File Management Kit the sound files can be remotely managed via wired or wireless network using a Windows application.

Audio Amplifier Module
When the player cannot be placed near the speakers, it may be better to drive an amplifier module installed near the speakers instead of running long speaker wires.

Typical Applications

*  Museum exhibits
*  Halloween prop control
*  Other general purpose animation control


No. of Trigger Input


No. of Control Output

1x mechanical relay for AC/DC control
2x solid state for DC control

Max. Animation Time
@ resolution

1 minute @ 16fps (standard)
2 minutes @ 8 fps (extended)

Max. Audio Output Power

10W x 2 (stereo) @ 24VDC

Supply Voltage

12~30 VDC

Programming Method


Serial Port


Amplifier Module