EM4000B QuikVoice Message Announcer

*  Voice qrade message announcer
*  Record and play
*  40-watt monaural output
*  Random access up to 8 segments
*  Contact closure or PLC activation
*  Non-volatile flash memory
*  4 or 8 minutes (EM4000B-4 or EM4000B-8)
*  Single voltage supply (10~32V DC)
*  Enclosed in a compact, metal case
*  Easy installation

EM4000B is a voice grade message announcer which can record and play 8 different messages. It is totally self-contained and requires only a power supply, a speaker and a trigger device (such as a push button switch) to operate. EM4000B is available in two memory configurations: 4 minutes (EM4000B-4) and 8 minutes (EM4000B-8).

The message(s) can be recorded by speaking into the built-in microphone or transfering it from a tape/CD player via the LINE IN jack. The message(s) can be re-recorded for thousands of times and battery backup is not necessary. Playback can be triggered by a number of devices such as push buttons, motion sensors, and dry contact closures. There are eight trigger inputs, one for each message. The built-in power amplifier can deliver up to 40W into a speaker, with adjustable volume control.

EM4000B is also available without the metal enclosure. The part number for the circuit board is SV4000B. In this case, the customer may need to provide a heat sink for the built-in power amplifier depending on the output wattage.

EM4000B is suitable for applications that allow end users to record their own messages in the field. It is also suitable for low quantity applications because messges can be recorded without using any special, expensive equipment. However, other playback-only sound boards may be more suitable for applications that require better sound quality or lower mass-production cost.


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