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RM31A QuikWave Audio Repeater

Sound File Support

16-bit WAV & MP3

No. of Trigger Inputs

1 per card, up to 12

Max. No. of Files

1 ~ 511 (mode dependent)

Max. Output Power

line level (stereo)

Memory Type

CF (2GB max.)

Supply Voltage

110/220 VAC (auto-sensing)

Serial Port


Internal Relay

1 per card, up to 12

Front View (Cover Removed)

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RM31A is a 19” 2U rack mount digital audio repeater system designed for general purpose applications. Up to 12 sound cards (sold separately) can be installed and operated independently. Each sound card has its own trigger input, audio output, and RS-485 serial port. There is also an on-board power relay that’s activated automatically during the audio playback, so that an external device can be synchronized if needed.

Sound Card

Sync-a-Gang TechnologyTM
The system supplies a master clock to all cards to keep them in perfect synchronization with each other at all times - a crucial requirement in many applications.
Other than the master clock, the cards operate totally independently with each other. Each card has its own input and output. For your convenience, the chasis also provides a common connector for the RS-485 interface.

RM31A has a built-in 110/220 VAC auto-sensing switching power supply with detachable power cord. The two mounting brackets can be removed if the system is not to be rack mounted. Physical dimensions are 17.3” (L) x 7” (W) x 3.5” (H) with the mounting brackets removed.

Demo Audio for Typical Applications

Product Advertising: Arctic Splash, Eureka, iNav, Dominion, Cookright, Lazyboy
Audio Tour Guide: Hollywood, Taipei 101, Zoo
Transportation: Train, Platform
Elevator: Announcements
Parking Garage: Need Assistance
Warning/Safety: Warning, Crosswalk
Industrial Equipement: Purge Activated
Vending Machine: Zolta
Museum Audio: Water Share