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TMR-08 7-Day Relay Switch Timer

No. of Programs

1, 3 or 7

Max. Switchings/Day

224 if 1 program
64 if 3 programs
32 if 7 programs

Switching Resolution

1 second

Program Assignment

one program per day

No. of Relay Switches


Relay Type

SPDT with NO & NC terminals

Relay Contact Rating

12A @ 120VAC
10A @ 240VAC/24VDC

Download User’s Manual

TMR-08 is a 7-day switch timer with 8 independent relay outputs for general purpose apparatus control. The relays can be programmed to turn on/off at specific times of the day, multiple times a day and in any order. A sequence of on/off switchings in a day is called a program, and up to 7 programs can be set up and assigned to each day of the week. For example, program 1 assigned to Monday through Friday, program 2 assigned to Saturday and Sunday, and program 3 assigned to holidays when the time comes.

Housed in a rugged metal enclosure with mounting brackets, TMR-08 is powerful to use yet easy to program. No computer is needed for operation, and system programming is done entirely via the LCD interface with these functions:

Set Day & Time
Set the day & time for the internal clock/calendar.
Set No. of Programs
Set the maximum number of programs.
Set Program
Set up relay switchings in a program.
Assign Program
Assign a program to each day of the week.
Manual Control
Control relays manually via the LCD interface..
Clock Tuning
Tune the internal clock if it runs too fast/slow due to aging or extreme operating conditions.
Set Daylight Saving Time
Up to 10 years’ worth of DST dates can be configured/re-configured into the unit

All programming data are saved in non-volatile memory, and there is internal backup power to keep the internal clock/calendar running through power outages.

Typical Applications

*  Break time announcements at factories (used with a message repeater)
*  Class time announcements at schools (used with a message repeater)
*  General time announcements (used with a message repeater)
*  Worship time reminder (used with a message repeater)