Kiddie Ride Electronics

*  Superior sound quality
*  One main loop + two fire button sounds
*  2W audio output with volume control
*  Plug-in screw terminals for quick installation
*  110V AC operation (other voltages also available)
*  Interchangeable sound chip
*  Compact, rust free plastic case (6.5” x 4.5” x 2”)

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Control Box EM2021D, EM2021D-4 & EM2021D-M

EM2021D combines sound and timer into one compact unit. It saves space, simplifies wiring, and costs less than buying sound box and timer separately. EM2021D-4 is exactly the same as EM2021D except that it has 4 sounds played in rotation (one sound per play). Both models offer the same features as EM2001A, plus the following:

*  Four time settings (45~120 seconds)
*  Four coin settings (1~4 coins)
*  Heavy duty 10 amp AC output for ride motor
*  Verbal reminder when more coins are needed
*  Supports mechanical coin meter for revenue tracking
*  Optionally plays a safety message before starting the motor
*  Optionally plays an attract sound periodically

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Light Flasher

Click on the name to hear a few seconds of the sound. The actual sounds are usually longer. The two sounds in the parenthesis are fire button sounds.

Sound Effects (demo only, actual recording is longer)
Antique Car (Oldhorn, Braking)
Airplane (Siren, Mayday)
Airplane1 (MachineGun, OverHeat)
Airplane2 (MachineGun, Mayday)
Boat - sound (Boathorn, Seagull)
Bulldozer (Airbrake, Bullhorn)
Car (Carhorn, Braking)
Elephant Jungle (Elephant, Bugle)
Fire Engine (Siren, Truckhorn)
Helicopter (Siren, Base)
Jeep (Jeephorn, Braking)
Jet (Siren, Engine)
Jungle (Elephant, Dinosaur)
Motorcycle (Motorhorn, Braking)
Police Car (Carhorn, Braking)
Race Car (Braking, Crash)
Rocket (Liftoff, Engine)
Space Ship (Raygun1, Raygun2)
Tank (Cannon, MachineGun)
Train (Bell, Whistle)
Truck (Airbrake, Truckhorn)

Carrousel Music (demo only, actual recording is longer)
Beer Barrel Polka (Bugle, Whinny)
Blue Skirt Waltz (Bugle, Whinny)
Circus Music (Bugle, Whinny)
Danube, the Blue (Bugle, Whinny)
Nickel, Put Another (Bugle, Whinny)
Repasz March (Bugle, Whinny)
Skater's Waltz (Bugle, Whinny)
Thunderer March (Bugle, Whinny)
Toot Toot Tootsie (Bugle, Whinny)
Triumphant March (Bugle, Whinny)
Wooden Solders Parade (Bugle, Whinny)

Music & Songs (demo only, actual recording is longer)
Baby Elephant Walk (Elephant, Bugle)
Boat - music (Boathorn, Seagull)
Bonanza (Whinny, Gallop)
Elephant (Elephant, Bugle)
Funhorse (Whinny, Gallop)
Grandma's House (Boing, Magic)
Horse - melody version of William Tell Overture (Whinny, Gallop)
La Patita (Boing, Magic)
Mary Had a Little Lamb (Sheep, Boing)
MX1 (Boing, Magic)
MX2 (Boing, Magic)
Old McDonald Had a Farm (Cow, Rooster)
Row Row Row Your Boat (Boathorn, Whistle)
She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain (Whinny, Gallop)
Station (Bell, Whistle)
Sting (Boing, Magic)
Surfing (Boathorn, Seagull)
Susanna, Oh (Boing, Magic)
Topgun (Mgun, Mayday)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Boing, Magic)
Weasel, Pop Goes the (Boing, Magic)
William, orchestra version of William Tell Overture (Whinny, Gallop)
World, It's a Small (Boing, Magic)

Fun Melody (demo only, actual recording is longer)
Ballgame (Magic, Boing)
Susanna, Oh (Magic, Boing)
Turkey in the Straw (Magic, Boing)
Wheels on Bus (Carhorn, Braking)

Christmas Music (demo only, actual recording is longer)
Jingle Bell (Hohoho, Xmasbell)
Frosty The Snowman (Hohoho, Xmasbell)
Here Comes Santa Claus (Hohoho, Xmasbell)
Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (Hohoho, Xmasbell)
Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Hohoho, Xmasbell)
Sleigh (Hohoho, Xmasbell)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Hohoho, Xmasbell)

Specialty Rides (demo only, actual recording is longer)
Apple Car (Richard Scary) (Carhorn, Braking)
Barney (Bell, Whistle)
Barney1 (Carhorn, Braking)
Batman (Raygun1, Raygun2)
Bob the Builder (Airbrake, Truckhorn)
Bozo (Laugh, Funhorn)
Chipmunk (Oldhorn, Boing)
Dumbo1 (Elephant, Bugle)
Flint Stone (Yabadaba, Funhorn)
Garfield (Partyhorn, Funhorn)
Ghost Busters (Magic, Boing)
Jetson (Boing, Cymbal)
Looney Tunes (Boing, Cymbal)
Mario Cart (Braking, Crash)
Mickey Mouse (Carhorn, EngineRev)
Merrie Melodies (Boing, Cymbal)
Muppet (Carhorn, Braking)
Popeye (Poplaugh, Pipe)
Pumba (Boing, Magic)
Scooby Doo (Truckhorn, Siren)
Snoopy (Dog, BeepBeep)
Speed Racer (BeepBeep, Braking)
Spiderman (Raygun1, Scanner)
Superman (Raygun1, Raygun2)
Star Wars (Raygun1, Raygun2)
Tom & Jerry (Boing, Cymbal)
Toy Story (Infinity, Nosign)
Under The Sea (Boing, Magic)
Winnie the Pooh (Boing, Magic)
Wood Pecker (Hahaha, Running)


Sound Box EM2001A

EM2001A is a digital sound box that plays a continuous sound loop when the power is turned on. It is usually turned on by a separate timer unit which also turns on the motor at the same time.

Light Flasher (model FLASHER2)
*  Two channel alternating light flasher
*  Adjustable flashing rate
*  12V DC output. 2 amp max. load (per channel)
*  Built-in self reset fuse
*  110V AC input (other voltages also available)
*  Compact, rust free plastic case (4.25” x 3” x 2”)

*  Four time settings (45~120 seconds)
*  Four coin settings (1~4 coins)
*  Heavy duty 10 amp AC output
*  Coin meter output for revenue tracking
*  Compact, rust free plastic case (4.25” x 3” x 1.6”)

Download User’s Guide

TMR100 Universal Timer

EM2021D-M is the same as EM2021D except that it has an internal 6-digit non-resettable coin meter. It is not a mechanical meter, but a software function in the control chip. There is no readout for the meter - its value is announced through the speaker upon power-up, or when any fire button is pressed down for more than 10 seconds while the ride is idle. The internal meter not only eliminates the need for an mechanical one but also prevents employee from cheating since the meter cannot be disconnected. However, a mechanical coin meter can still be connected to the unit if desired.

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