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DP-502 Network Enabled Pull-Type Onhold Player

*  Plays WAV/MP3 files with CD sound quality
*  Plays a common file and a month-specific file alternately
*  Great for chain store advertising with monthly specials
*  Automatic pull-type audio update via the Internet
*  GUI server program with database management
*  Browser based device configuration
*  Huge, expandable memory capacity
*  Compact size, maintenance free

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DP-502 is a digital audio player designed specifically for music-on-hold and storecasting applications. It can be used to provide on-hold music/message to holding callers via a phone system in order to keep them informed or entertained. Thanks to its true CD sound quality and MP3 support (small file size), DP-502 can also be used to broadcast a huge amount of crystal clear audio via a PA system for storecasting applications.

Digital onhold systems have evolved from the first generation (tape/CD download), the second generation (flash card/USB based) to the third generation of network enabled players like DP-502. Now the audio can be updated via the Internet on a daily basis without the clients involvement.

DP-502 utilizes a standard SD card as its memory storage, making it easy to expand the capacity. Many hours of audio can be accommodated to satisfy even the most demanding applications. A unique feature of the player is that it plays two files alternately: a common file and a month-of-the-year specific file. This allows the system to automatically engage monthly special advertising at the proper time.

A Windows based server with a static public IP address needs to be set up and running in order for the players to download files from it over the Internet. A single server, running the free-of-charge DP-502 server program, can serve many players for different clients at different locations. Each player would check in and download new files (if any) everyday at the pre-set time. Below is a screen example for the DP-502 server program showing the player configuration for Pizza Franchise Location A.


Although designed mainly as a music-on-hold system, DP-502 can also be used in many other applications to replace traditional endless-loop cassette, tape, and CD players. Please dont hesitate to contact us if your application requires system customizations.


MP3 Format: ISO11172-3 (both CBR and VBR), monaural and stereo
WAV Format: monaural uncompressed PCM, 8- or 16-bit, up to 44.1 KHz
Memory Capacity: 2GB (expandable to 32 GB max.)
Max. Recording Time (based on 2 GB of memory):
   17 hours at 128 Kbps
   34 hours at 64 Kbps
   68 hours at 32 Kbps
   NOTE: Product may be sold with a different amount of memory.
Audio Output: 2V p-p max.
Output Jacks (Impendance): 3.5mm (8 Ohm single ended) and RJ-11 (600 Ohm balanced)
Ethernet Interface: 10/100 Mbps