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Stor-CasterTM DP-702 In-Store Messaging System

*  MP3 playback at highest possible quality (320 kbps)
*  Removable USB drive for easy message update in the field
*  Plays up to 99 messages sequentially, one at a time

*  Fills in external background music (if supplied) between messages
*  Message delay configurable from 1 to 10 minutes
*  Built-in speaker for content verification & trouble shooting

*  Separate control for message volume and overall volume
*  110V/220V auto-switch power supply
*  Automatic re-start after power outage
*  Compact and stylish design

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The DP-702 is a professional MP3 player specifically designed for storecasting applications. It is usually connected between an external background music source (such as satellite music) and the PA system, injecting pre-recorded messages into background music at configurable delay times. It is a very effective tool for promoting products, services and company images.

The messages, pre-recorded as MP3 files, are stored on a removable USB drive. It is possible to store up to 99 files with a total recording time of several hundred hours. The USB drive can be hot swapped without turning off the power, making it easy and fool proof to change the messages in the field.

Dont let its small size fool you. The DP-702 is capable of playing MP3 files at the highest quality (320 kbps) while some competitors only support 128 kbps. There are separate volume control for the message and the overall output (message + music), so that a perfect balance can be reached between them.

Other than its superior sound quality, the DP-702 stands out from the competition with features like built-in monitoring speaker, 110/220V auto-switching power supply, bright easy-to-read LED display, universal output impedance and stylish design.

The DP-702 is environment friendly with its low power consumption and budget friendly with its small price tag. It is also maintenance friendly because there is no internal cassette or CD player to wear and tear. Just put it in and forget about it!

* Stor-Caster is a trademark of Eletech Enterprise Co.