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LineTalkerTM On-hold & Storecasting Systems

The LineTalker family of on-hold players are built upon advanced digital audio technologies. They are most cost effective in turning wasted holding time into valuable advertising opportunities. Use them to announce your new products and/or services, or keep your callers entertained while they wait. They can also be used to replace endless loop cassette, tape and CD players in many other applications.

The LineTalker systems are 100% digital with no built-in cassette or CD player to wear and tear. The all-solid-state design not only offers high reliability by eliminating mechanical moving parts, but also guarantees consistent audio output throughout the product life with absolutely no degradation in the sound quality. All LineTalker systems are absolutely maintenance free.

DP-300 Voice Recorder
*  Records from internal microphone or external source
*  One long or two short recordings
*  8 minutes total recording time
*  Erase and re-record for thousands of times

*  Internal flash memory for non-volatile storage
*  Built-in monitoring speaker

DP-400 MOH Player with CF Card
*  16-bit MP3 and WAV compatible
*  99 files storage
*  Huge memory capacity with CF card up to 2 GB
*  Easy programming with CF card reader
*  Bright LED display for track number
*  Built-in monitoring speaker

DP-501 MOH Player with Push-Type Internet Download
*  16-bit MP3 and WAV compatible
*  Instant or scheduled push-type file transfer via the Internet
*  Local and remote volume control
*  2 GB memory capacity
*  Single file storage/playback
*  Builtl-in monitoring speaker

DP-502 MOH Player with Pull-Type Internet Download
*  16-bit MP3 and WAV compatible
*  Scheduled pull-type file transfer via the Internet
*  One common file and one month-specific file played alternately
*  2 GB memory capacity, easily expanded
*  Easy installation & maintenance free
*  Builtl-in monitoring speaker

DP-600 MOH Player with USB Port
*  16-bit MP3 and WMA compatible
*  Single file storage
*  128MB internal flash memory
*  USB port for file transfer
*  Internal monitoring speaker
*  Low cost, compact size

DP-700 MOH Player with USB Drive
*  MP3 audio at highest possible quality (320 kbps)
*  99 files storage
*  Huge capacity with USB drives up to 32 GB
*  USB hot swapping technology
*  Bright LED track number display
*  Built-in monitoring speaker

DP-702 Storecaster with USB Drive
*  Injects messages into satellite background music
*  MP3 audio at highest possible quality (320 kbps)
*  Up to 99 messages played at configurable intervals
*  USB hot swapping technology
*  Separate volume control for message and overall output
*  Built-in monitoring speaker