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MR-08/MR-16 Multichannel Radio Receiver/Monitor/Logger

AM Band

520 ~ 1720 KHz

AM Sensitivity

30 uV EMF

FM Band

76 ~ 108 MHz

FM Sensitivity

2.2 uV EMF

Audio Output Voltage

72 ~ 90 mVrms

Audio Band Limits

30 ~ 15K Hz

Control Interface


Power Supply

100 ~ 240 VAC

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MR-08 and MR-16 are AM/FM radio receivers with 8 and 16 channels respectively. They are usually integrated with a voice logger + record server to form a fully automated radio receiver system for surveillance, monitoring and/or logging purposes. The unit is configured/controlled via RS-485 and multiple units can be cascaded. An LCD display on the receiver shows current system status such as power up self test results and channel tuning status (frequency, RSSI and audio quality). The analog audio outputs are usually fed to an external voice logger (sold separately) for 24/7 recording.

The receiver incorporate highly advanced modular components with precise digital tuning and minimized EMI interference. The 19 2U rack mount housing conforms to industry standards for quick and easy installation.


*  Worldwide FM band support
*  Worldwide AM band support
*  Excellent real-world performance
*  Frequency synthesizer with integrated VCO
*  Advanced AM/FM seek tuning
*  Automatic frequency control (AFC)
*  Automatic gain control (AGC)
*  Automatic AM/FM digital tuning
*  Adaptive noise suppression
*  Channel status LCD display
*  Volume control
*  Soft mute control
*  Analog audio outputs
*  Internal speaker for individual channel monitoring
*  Multiple receivers can be cascaded via RS-485

Integrated Turnkey System

Although buying the MR-08/MR-16 to build your own system offers the maximum flexibility, sometimes it makes more sense to buy an integrated turnkey system that can be put into operation immediately. Our integrated solution offers an expandable system of up to 192 channels with web based system configuration, status update and data access. Please contact us to learn more.