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CallPadTM Desktop Voice Logger with Centralized Data Archiving

CallPad is a standalone single-line voice logger designed to record telephone calls for small to medium businesses such as banking institutions and insurance agencies. It is compatible with most telephones and headsets, and is capable of recording both analog and digital/IP lines with superb sound quality. No host computer is needed for daily operation, although the system can optionally upload data to a remote server for centralized data archiving.

By default CallPad records and saves all incoming and outgoing calls automatically. But it can also be configured to save only the calls that are deemed important by the user after the call has ended. The unit’s non-volatile memory can
hold hundreds of hours of data even during power outages. To ensure data security the system employs advanced data encryption and password protected user access. Mounting holes are also provided for physically screwing down the unit to deter theft.

CallPad features an innovative, space-saving enclosure designed for placement underneath a typical office telephone set. This arrangement allows the logger to easily obtain analog audio signals by tapping into the phone’s handset, making it possible to record analog, digital and even VoIP lines with voice activated recording technique. Recording can also start automatically whenever the phone’s handset is picked up if the hook sensor is installed.

A simple and intuitive user interface is offered through a large easy-to-read LCD screen, granting the user full system access right on his/her desktop. Unlike traditional multi-line voice loggers placed in the equipment room, CallPad is truly easy to install and convenient to use.

In addition to call logging, CallPad also provides other communication enhancement functions. For example, when both telephone set and headset are connected to the unit, the headset can be used for talking instead of the telephone’s handset. Or the earphone output on the logger can be used to monitor the current call in real time. There is also a function for the user to mark specific calls for furure reference.



Optional Centralized Archiving


Selection Guide

Specifications / Model



Number of Channels



Connection Type

Handset and headset

Handset only

Record Interface



8GB (internal SDHC card)

Capacity (based on 8GB)

LP = 543 hours;  SP = 275 hours;  HQ = 137 hours

Record Mode

Manual, VOX, hook sensor

Internal Microphone

Yes (for conference recording)


Maximum Record Files


Ethernet Port

100Mbps X 2


External Microphone Jack



Power Supply

5VDC, (Optional) PoE


190mm (W) x 283mm (D) x 25mm (H)





PoE (Power over Ethernet)
Record indicator
Headset hanger


Optional Accessories

*  PoE Module
   CallPad can be powered via this internal module if the network supports Power-over-Ethernet.
*  Record Indicator
   An LED light with 1.8m cable to be mounted on office divider for supervisor to easily check agent status.
*  Headset Hanger
   An attachment to CallPad for hanging a headset conveniently when it’s not in use.


*  Banking Institutions    *  Insurance Agencies    *  Customer Service Centers   
*  Stock Brokers
*  Government Institutions     * Sales Department    
*  Travel Agencies     * Call Centers     * Dispatch Centers


CallPad Brochure
CallPad Manual

*  CallPad is a trademark of Eletech Enterprise Co. Ltd.