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LogMasterTM Standalone Voice Logger with Network Access

Built with cutting edge technologies, LogMaster is a family of compact all-in-one voice loggers with internal flash memory storage and local record access for stand alone operation. LogMaster also provides two network based services: browser based data access and cloud based data archiving.

There are currently two models available: LogMaster-100 (single channel) and LogMaster-400 (four channel).

LogMaster provides analog channels for recording analog lines directly. Digital lines can also be recorded by tapping into the handset. Recordings are saved as WAV files into either the internal flash memory or a plug-in USB drive. The USB drive option provides not only an easy way to expand the
storage capacity but also a convenient way of archiving the system: when the USB drive is about full, simply replace it with a new one and keep the old one as an archive.

In order to facilitate searching, recordings are tagged with date/time, inbound/outbound number, and duration. There are two ways to search and play recordings: local access on the unit itself or remote access over the network. A few push buttons, an LCD screen and a speaker are provided for the local access which is basic yet convenient. The local access is limited to authorized personnel by means of a physical key which must be inserted into the unit to unlock the push buttons.

Simple yet effective, LogMasters friendly user interface features push buttons for channel selection / file selection / playback control, backlit LCD display and various indicator lignts.

Recordings can also be accessed remotely over the network in a brower based fashion, eliminating the need for a special application program. An intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) allows the user to quickly find and play the desired recording(s).



Optional Centralized Archiving Storage

When multiple LogMasters are deployed at different locations, it is optional to set up a storage center for archiving purposes. The recordings will be stored in each loggers internal memory first, and then transferred to the storage center later according to user-defined schedules. This way the archiving process is protected against unstable/abnormal network conditions since it is not required to be carried out in real time.


*  Banking Institutions
*  Insurance Agencies
*  Customer Service Centers
*  Stock Brokers
*  Government Institutions
*  Sales Department
*  Travel Agencies
*  Call Centers
*  Dispatch Centers


LogMaster Brochure
LogMaster-100 Users Manual
LogMaster-400 Users Manual

* LogMater is a trademark of Eletech Enterprise Co. Ltd.