VLAN-164 Networked Voice Logger

The VLAN-164 networked voice logger is a scalable rack-mount system with 16 card slots per chassis. Each slot accommodates a 4-channel logger card which is functionally similar to the VLAN-400 except that all cards share the same network connection with a single IP address. When fully populated a VLAN-164 chassis provides 64 channels of simultaneous voice logging. Up to 4 chassis can be stacked together for a maximum capacity of 256 channels served by a single host computer.


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Typical Structure Diagram for VLAN-164 System

A host computer is required as the logger does not contain any internal memory for data storage. Instead, data is transferred to the host computer via the network in real time during recording. Live monitoring is allowed, one channel at a time. User operations (search, play...) and system management are always performed on the host computer with the supplied Windows program.

The system saves data in Windows WAV format and offers different voice compression options for the user to choose his/her own balance between voice quality and storage requirement. With a big hard drive on the host computer, several months’ worth of data can be easily stored.

Offering superb sound quality and rock solid performance, the VLAN-164 voice logger is an ideal solution for large-scale applications.

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