VLAN-SD Voice Loggers with Browser Based User Interface

VLAN-SD is a family of state-of-the-art digital voice loggers built with internal storage and network connectability. They can record and store telephone calls without the need for a host computer. Compared to other network based voice loggers that must upload data to a host computer in real-time due to lack of internal data storage, VLAN-SD is much more cost effective and reliable.

The VLAN-SD series currently consists of the 1-port VLAN-100SD and the 4-port VLAN-400SD.

Recorded data are compressed into standard Windows WAV files for easy sharing. These files can be searched and played from any PC on the same local area network, using a compatible web browser. System configuration and data management are also done in the same manner requiring no proprietary software.


* Internal non-volatile data memory expandable with external USB drive
* No host PC required for operation
* Record files compressed and saved in standard Windows WAV format
* File search by caller ID, date, time, length, and dialed number
* Browser based system access with password protection
* Search, play and email audio files directly from the browser interface
* Record data can be optionally transferred to a central server for archival
* Live call monitoring via central server over LAN


The browser based user interface is feature rich yet intuitive to use. It allows the logger to be accessed from any PC on the LAN at any time for daily operation as well as system management - no application program is required.

Central Data Storage

When multiple VLAN-SD loggers are deployed at different locations, it is possible to set up a cloud server for archiving purposes. The record files are stored in the logger’s internal memory first before being transferred to the server according to a user-defined schedule, typically at a time when the network traffic is expected to be light. The following diagram shows the typical system structure.

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The logger can also be configured to store record files in an external USB drive instead of the internalmemory. In this case the system memory can be easily upgraded with an USB drive of bigger capacity. When the USB drive is about full it can be either re-used or replaced. If replaced, the old USB drive can be kept as an archive.

Optionally, record files can also be uploaded to a cloud server for data storage and management. Upload can be scheduled to take place immediately after each call, or at specific times of the day on a regular basis. This feature allows a large number of VLAN-SD loggers to be integrated into one centralized system. As an added benefit, live call monitoring is supported via the server over LAN.

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