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VLAN-Std Network Based Voice Logger

VLAN-Std is a  turnkey system for recording and archiving telepone calls. Targeted at small to medium businesses, this cost effective system is expandable from 4 to 16 channels in increments of 4, as each logger box is equipped with four channels. It is compatible with analog phone lines and can be connected to either the trunk side or the station side of a phone system.

The logger needs to be connected to one or more host computers via a dedicated or non-dedicated  Ethernet local area network (LAN). The logger relies on the host computer for storing recorded data, as it has no internal mass storage of its own. Recorded data can be accessed only from the host computer on which the data is stored, and by using the provided application software.

If desired, each individual channel may be assigned to a different host computer so that users may share the system with maximum privacy, as each user can only access the data stored on his/her own PC. It is, of course, also possible to assing two or more channels to a single host computer as illustrated below:

A typical system structure is illustrated above, where multiple
loggers are connected to multiple non-dedicated host computers via
the company network providing maximum privacy and flexibility.

Phone recording is activated automatically when the line goes off-hook. Audio files are saved in the standard WAV format for easier sharing with other computers. Some call related information such as date/time and caller ID are also saved in the database for future use as search keys.

The user friendly software features a clean graphical user interface
(GUI) and intuitive commands to minimize the learning curve. It can
be set up to run on demand or automatically upon Windows start-up.


VLAN-Std Cut Sheet
VLAN-Std Users Manual