VLAN Voice Loggers for Small Scale Applications

VLAN is a series of digital voice loggers with network interface. It currently consists of the 1-port VLAN-100 and the 4-port VLAN-400.

A host computer is required as these loggers do not have any internal memory for data storage. Data are transferred to the host computer via the LAN in real time during recording. The host computer does not need to be dedicated, and one host can serve multiple loggers simultaneously.

Live call monitoring is supported, one port at a time. User operations (search, play...) and system management are performed on the host computer with supplied Windows software.


   Type: 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
   Protocol: ARP, IP, UDP, TCP, ICMP, HTTP
   Sockets: 16 max., supports client and server mode
   Setup: HTTP protocol, by browser (IE & Netscape)
   File Format: Windows WAV
   Compression Options: IMA ADPCM 32 kbps, uLaw 64 kbps, Linear 128 kbps
   AGC Range: > 40 dB
   Caller ID Supported: FSK & DTMF
   Real-time Monitoring: yes
Playback & Monitoring
   Speaker: Built-in 1.5 watt (VLan-100) or server providing
   Sound Card: Real-time replay via streaming audio driver

Integration Solutions

VLAN-Std is a highly cost effective solution for recoding up to 16 analog lines. It includes a Windows application program and one or several VLan-400 loggers, ready to be installed into a host PC of your choice. The user interface is simple yet rich in features, making the system ideal for small to medium companies. Click here to learn more.



Typical Structure Diagram for VLAN Systems


The system saves data in Windows WAV format and offers different voice compression options for the user to choose his/her own balance between voice quality and storage requirement. With a big hard drive on the host computer, several months worth of data can be stored.

Offering superb sound quality and rock solid performance, these VLAN loggers are ideal solutions for small to medium scale applications.

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