QuikCallTM Wireless Calling System

Receiver w/ Audio Player

1-Button Transmitter

1-/4-Button Transmitter

The QuikCallTM wireless calling system consists of RF (radio frequency) transmitters and receivers with integrated audio player. It is typically used to make pre-recorded voice alerts/announcements activated from wireless push buttons or equipment interfaces. One receiver can work with multiple transmitters and play a different or the same message, depending on how the transmitters are configured. It is also possible to employ multiple receivers at the same location, each serving a different group of transmitters.

The QuikCall transmitters are available in different styles for a variety of applications. Although typically equipped with push buttons, special version transmitters are available for interfacing with factory equipment for voice alert/feedback purposes. While the RF-100 is battery powered only, the RF-101 and the RF-104 can operate with either battery or DC adapter.

w/15W Speaker

w/25W Speaker

The RFV-1000R receiver has integrated audio player for playing pre-recocrded MP3 files from an SD/SDHC memory card. The audio output can either drive speakers directly via the built-in power amplifier, or be sent to a PA system for further amplification. The receiver can be configured to process transmitter requests in various ways to better suit different applications.

Receivers with Integrated Speaker

The RFV-1000R receiver is available either by itself or integrated with a mono speaker. There are two models with integrated speaker:

RFV-1000R-1 w/15W Speaker
110mm (W) x 140mm (D) x 174mm (H)

RFV-1000R-1 w/25W Speaker
145mm (W) x 195mm (D) x 244mm (H)

Typical Applications

*  Factory equipment fault alerts
*  Customer queuing system
*  Market/store assistance
*  Hospital help calling
*  Emergency alerts


Factory Equipment Fault Alerts
Special version transmitters can interface with factory equipment in order to make detailed, loud voice alerts when faults occur or human attention is needed. This greatly improves equipment safety and production efficiency.

Customer Queuing System
By simply pressing a button the service agent can call the next customer in line to the proper counter/register. It is also beneficial to the customer who no longer needs to pay close attention until called.

Market/Store Assistance
Strategic placement of transmitters allow customers to call for assistance easily. When placed at registers they allow cashiers to call for price check, change request, supervisor attention and etc.

QuikCall is a trademark of Eletech Enterprise Co. Ltd.


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