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QuikLinkTM WF-01 Wi-Fi Access Unit For QuikWave Audio Players

  • TCP control commands
  • HTTP control commands
  • WiFi AP/STA Uplink dual mode (2.4GHz)
  • Wide operating voltage (9~30 Vdc)
  • Can be powered via the QuikWave RS-232 serial interface
  • Built-in web interface with mobile device support
  • Four user defined trigger inputs
  • Built-in high performance antenna
  • Optional upgrade to extended antenna with suction cup mount
  • Download Userís Manual

    QuikLink WF-01 provides WiFi control access to certain QuikWave audio players. It can function as either an access point (with SSID) or a bridge to a 2.4GHz WiFi network. Both TCP control commands and HTTP control commands are supported via the built-in TCP server and Web server respectively, allowing the user to wirelessly control the audio player from a PC or a PLC with little effort.

    TCP Command Examples
    F001 = Play file 001
    P = Pause
    R = Resume
    S = Stop
    V6464 = Set output volume to 64 for both left and right channels
    B = Busy? (check current status)

    HTTP Command Examples
    GET = Play file 001
    GET = Pause
    GET = Resume
    GET = Stop
    GET = Set output volume to 64 for both left and right channels
    GET = Busy? (check current status)

    Custom App Implementation
    It is possible for the user to implement his/her own app on the WF-01 as a plug-in developed with Arduino IDE, Micropython, and Lua. For example, the app can monitor the current time (obtained from the Internet via the WF-01) and play corresponding messages at certain times of the day. The potential of custom application is simply enormous. Please feel free to contac us if you need help with your specific applications.

    Physical Integration
    The WF-01 is designed to be integrated with the EM-38A/AR/AX as a single unit, eliminating the need for additional cable or power supply.