Eletech is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that develops, manufactures and markets the following product lines under private label and/or our own brand name. We also offer custom design and manufacturing services. Please feel free to contact us with your specific needs and put our years of expertise to work for you.

Voice Loggers & Surveillance Microphones
A full line of turn-key voice loggers to record, organize, review and archive telephone conversations as well as other voice communications such as radio.
EDiL - up to 256 digital ports
CallPad - single-port desktop with handset & headset interface
LogMaster - 1~4 analog ports, internal memory, keypad/LCD & web access
LogMaster-800 - 8 analog ports, internal memory, touchscreen & web access
VLanSD - 1~4 analog ports, internal memory, web access
VLan - 1~4 analog ports, network based (no internal memory)
VCU - high sensitivity omnidirectional microphones

Audio Players / Message Announcers
Use these solid state audio players for low to high end (CD quality) applications. Supports WAV, MP3 and QuikVoice audio formats. Perfect for museum exhibits, talking displays, PA broadcast, vending machines, amusement equipment, elevator announcers and etc.

Animation Control
When it’s time to synchronize audio with action, look no further than this line of animation controllers. In addition to hi-fi stereo MP3 audio, they provide multiple synchronized relay outputs for controlling electrical devices such as solenoids, valves, motors and etc.

Audio Amplifier Module
General purpose audio power amplifier module for use with our audio players or other applications. Housed in a compact rugged metal enclosure, this highly efficient class D amplifier offers superb sound quality while generating little heat.

Digital Switch Timer
Fully programmable switch timer for general purpose apparatus control with built-in relays turning on/off at specific times of the day and day of the week. Can be used with our digital audio repeaters for automated message announcement. Totally stand alone operation with LCD user interface.

Wireless Calling System
The QuikCall wireless calling system consists of RF (radio frequency) transmitters and receivers with integrated audio player. It is used to make pre-recorded voice announcements activated from wireless push buttons. One receiver can work with multiple transmitters, and multiple receivers can be employed at the same location. Typical applications include factory equipment fault alerts, customer queuing system, market/store assistance, and emergency alerts.

LineTalker Music-on-hold & Storecasting Systems
These digital players play message loops to holding callers via your phone system, or to store shoppers via your PA system. Check out our new network enabled model DP-500 with instant Internet download and WAV/MP3 support in a compact, cost effective package.

Kiddie Ride Sound Boxes
A full line of sound and control boxes for new and refurbished kiddie rides. Housed in a plastic enclosure which will never rust, these boxes offer years of reliable, maintenance free service. Choose a sound from our extensive sound library or have your own sound programmed.

SelfTalker Digital Voice Boxes
These voice boxes are specially design for point of purchase displays, but they are also useful for other applications. Low end models are inexpensive enough for temporary displays, while high end models are usually used for permanent displays.

Private Network Time Server
The NTP-100 is a private network time server which obtains time information from the internal GPS receiver and supply it to the computers on the private LAN. This is particularly useful for companies that, due to security reasons, do not want to open their firewall for public time servers.

Multichannel Radio Receiver/Monitor/Logger
The MR-8 & MR-16 are AM/FM radio receivers with 8 and 16 channels respectively. They are usually integrated with a voice logger + record server to form a radio logging system for monitoring and/or archiving purposes. The RS-485 interface allows multiple receivers to be cascaded and controlled by a single record server.

Special Projects
Here are some projects created over the years but never materialized into products due to various reasons. Eletech is always seeking to cooperate with customers and develop custom products based on special, individual needs. Our in-house design team offers a wide range of expertise, as can be demonstrated by our broad product lines. In addition to product development we also provide manufacturing services so that your needs can be fulfilled with minimum efforts in the least amount of time.


EDiL, CallPad, LogMaster, VLanSD, VLan, QuikCall, LineTalker are trademarks of Eletech Enterprise Co. Ltd.


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