ST-100 QuikWave Audio Player / Message Announcer

Sound File Support

8-bit WAV (22.05KHz max.)

No. of Trigger Inputs


Max. No. of Files


Max. Output Power

1/4 W (mono)

Memory Type

MicroSD / MicroSDHC

Supply Voltage

5 VDC or 4 AA cells

Serial Port


Internal Relay


The unitís enclosure is designed to allow mounting either in the front or in the back of the panel. With front mounting, the bracket is placed in the back and the unit is tamper proof since the back cover cannot be removed without dismounting the unit first.

With back mounting, the bracket is placed in the front and the unit is not tamper proof if the unitís back side is exposed. The panel needs to have holes drilled for the speaker and the push button (or the motion sensor). The back mounting push button model (ST-100AL) comes with a long push button to accommodate panels of different thickness.

The back cover slides open and allows access to the batteries, the memory card, the volume control and the configuration switches. There is a little hole on the edge to allow the power cord to go through when DC adaptor is used.


*  Sequentially cycles through multiple  messages
*  Plays pre-recorded 8-bit mono WAV files from micro SD card
*  Activated by motion sensor or push  button
*  Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) or DC adaptor
*  Versatile mounting bracket offers front and back mounting options
*  Tamper  proof design with the front mounting option
*  Available models:
   ST-100A: with built-in motion sensor
   ST-100AL: with long push button for back mounting
   ST-100AS: with short push button for front mounting
   ST-100AP: with both long and short buttons - to be assembled on demand

The ST-100 is a digital voice box designed for point-of-purchase displays and other  general purpose applications. It can play pre-recorded natural sounding voice messages, music loops or sound effects. There are no moving parts in the unit, hence no degradation of sound quality due to mechanical wear and tear. Each delivery of the message is as good as the first one throughout the product life.

Message announcement is activated by either a motion sensor or a push button. It is ideally suited for use to unobtrusively bring a passerbyís attention to an article, a service or an event in a promotional campaign or to deliver a message of caution to an apporaching person for possible dangers. The main features are:

Back Mounting

With Back Cover Off

Radio Receiver