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Audio / Message Repeater

Choose QuikWave for its high fidelity output, triggerable audio, versatile operation mode and WAV/MP3 support. Most models in this family utilize flash memory card which makes it possible to store hours of audio at very low cost. Some models are equipped with relays for audio synchronized device control applications.

QuikVoice boards provide voice quality output at rock bottom prices. They are good for reproducing voice messages and music at fairly low output power (less than a few watts). Most models use EPROM chips for memory, therefore the recording time is usually limited to several minutes or less. Most QuikVoice models require the use of a proprietary voice development system for sound editing and digitization.

Elevator Modules
These are message repeaters designed specifically for elevator applications. They can be programmed to announce floor numbers, moving directions, emergency messages, and even background music. Versatile interface allows them to work with most brands/models of elevators.

Demo Audio for Typical Applications

Product Advertising: Arctic Splash, Eureka, iNav, Dominion, Cookright, Lazyboy
Audio Tour Guide: Hollywood, Taipei 101, Zoo
Transportation: Train, Platform
Elevator: Announcements
Parking Garage: Need Assistance
Warning/Safety: Warning, Crosswalk
Industrial Equipement: Purge Activated
Vending Machine: Zolta
Museum Audio: Water Share