DM1000B QuikVoice Sound Board

*  Operation Mode: playback only
No. of Channels: 1 (mono)
Sound Quality: voice grade
Sampling Method: CVSD
Max. Sound Segments: 1
Memory Type: EPROM (27C0x0)
Max Memory Capacity: 1 MB (27C080)
Max. Recording Time: 4 minutes @ 32 kbps
Supply Voltage: 9~12 VDC
Battery Operation: not suitable
Output Power: 1.5W (8 Ohm load)

DM1000B is a voice grade sound board which can play a single, pre-recorded message. It is totally self-contained and requires only a power supply, a speaker and a trigger device (such as a push button switch) to operate. The DM1000B can be purchased with different memory amount. The maximum memory amount is 1M bytes which can store 4 minutes of sound digitized at 32 Kbps.

By using the VP880 sound development system, the message is pre-recorded into a non-volatile EPROM chip which needs no battery backup. Playback can be triggered by a number of devices such as push button, PLC output, motion sensor and dry contact closures. The built-in power amplifier can deliver up to 1.5W into an 8 Ohm speaker, with adjustable volume control.

DM1000B is usually used in applications requiring little or no message change. Low cost and compact size are its main advantages.


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