VM1608 QuikVoice Sound Board

*  Operation Mode: playback only
No. of Channels: 2 (non-stereo)
Sound Quality: voice grade
Sampling Method: CVSD
Max. Sound Segments: 64/channel
Memory Type: EPROM (27C0x0)
Max Memory Capacity: 8 M-bit/channel
Total Time: 8.5 minutes (32Kbps)
Supply Voltage: 12 or 24 VDC
Battery Operation: not suitable
Output Power: 1W (4 Ohm load)

VM1608 is a voice grade sound board which can play up to 128 different messages. It is totally self-contained and requires only a power supply, a speaker and a few trigger signals to operate. VM1608 has two EPROM sockets and can store up to 8.5 minutes of audio in 32Kbps voice quality. Two channels of sound can be independently played back. However, stereo playback is not possible because VP880 sound development system does not support stereo digitization.

Desired messages are pre-programmed into non-volatile EPROM chips by using sound development system VP880 (for digitization) and standard EPROM programmer (for programming). Sampling rates from 24 to 64 Kbps are available for different sound quality vs. memory cost tradeoffs. Playback can be triggered by applying a 6-bit binary code and a strobe signal to the board’s input port which is directly compatible with most microprocessors and microcontrollers. Each channel can be independently controlled. Outputs from these two channels can be separate or mixed. The built-in power amplifier (for mixed output only) can deliver up to 1W into a speaker, with adjustable volume control.

VM1608 is suitable for voice grade applications that do not require frequent message change or user recordability. For applications requiring higher sound quality or more flexible controls, please use QuikWave sound boards instead.


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