VP880 QuikVoice Voice Development Tools

VP880 is a PC based voice development system used to digitize and edit sound data into the QuikVoice format. The data files generated by VP880 are usually programmed into EPROM chips by using a standard EPROM programmer. These EPROM chips can be used by any QuikVoice based products such as QuikVoice boards, QuikVoice IC chips and some SelfTalker and LineTalker models.

Note that VP880 can not be used to create data files for QuikWave boards. QuikWave boards use standard Window .wav file format which can be created and edited by most sound recording software.

VP880 comes complete with an ISA sound card, a microphone, a speaker, and a software disk. In addition, a standard EPROM programmer and an eraser are needed to actually program and erase EPROM chips.

VP880 software runs under DOS or in a DOS window under Windows. Its simple and clean user interface makes the system easy to operate.


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