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QuikWave Remote File Management Kit

QuikWave Remote File Management Kit consists of a Toshiba FlashAir Wi-Fi SDHC card and a file management program called QuikWaveU. Installed into a host QuikWave unit, the FlashAir is used to not only store the sound files for playback but also provide network connectivity for remote file access from within the same LAN.

Network Connection
There are two schemes to connect with the FlashAir: directly via Wi-Fi or indirectly via wired network. The FlashAir can accommodate both schemes without the need for any kind of software/hardware mode switching. Therefore it is possible for an installation to support both connection schemes at the same time.

Direct Connection via Wi-Fi

This scheme is simpler but its use is limited by the FlashAir’s signal range which is about 20 to 50 feet depending on the environment. If needed, the signal range may be extended by removing the cover of the host QuikWave unit and/or adding a Wi-Fi repeater.

Indirect Connection via a Wired/Wireless Network

This scheme is more complicated but it allows file management from any Windows PC on the same wired LAN as the FlashAir. Additionally, the FlashAir’s Wi-Fi network described above remains enabled and operational.

This scheme requires either an access point (for wired network) or a wireless router (for wireless network) be within the FlashAir’s signal range. The access point serves as a bridge between the FlashAir Wi-Fi and the wired LAN.

File Management Program
The file management program, QuikWaveU, runs under Windows and provides the following functions via a simple and intuitive user interface:

- List Files
- Upload Files
- Delete Files