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DP-300 Message-on-hold System

*  Plays onhold audio through the phone system
*  Works with all phone systems with MOH (BGM) input
*  Record audio from external cassette/CD/MP3 player
*  Can store one long or two short recordings
*  Non-volatile memory - no battery required
*  Maximum recording time
   DP-300/4: 4 minutes, DP-300/8: 8 minutes
*  Built-in microphone for testing purpose
*  Absolutely no mechanical moving parts
*  Maintenance free

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Line-Talker DP-300 is a flash memory based digital audio player. It plays a user-recorded audio loop through a phone system to callers on hold, in order to keep them informed or entertained. It is an efficient and cost effective tool to turn dull and wasted hold time into pleasant and valuable commercial time for companies of all sizes and types.

Unlike DP-100/DP-200, DP-300 does not use the removable CompactFlash card. Instead, its flash memory is built in and fixed. Currently, DP-300 is available with two different memory capacities: DP-300/4 has 4 minutes and DP-300/8 has 8 minutes. The flash memory is non-volatile, therefore battery backup is not necessary.

DP-300s internal memory can be configured to store either one long recording or two short ones. This special feature makes DP-300 more flexible in terms of usage. For example, you can have one recording for regular use and the other for holiday seasons.

Audio can be easily recorded into DP-300 by connecting it to an external cassette/CD/MP3 player via the headphone connector. It is also possible to record from the sound output of a computer. A built-in microphone is provided for testing purpose, making it easier to trouble shoot the unit when there is a problem. The recordings can be re-recorded for thousands of times without any degradation in sound quality or product reliability.

Although designed mainly as a music-on-hold system, DP-300 can also be used in many other applications to replace traditional endless-loop cassette, tape, and CD players. Please dont hesitate to contact us if your application requires modifications of the system to meet your specific requirements.