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DP-400 MP3 On-hold & Storecasting System

*  True CD sound quality
*  For music on hold and storecasting applications
*  Supports both MP3 and WAV file formats
*  Store up to 99 tracks on a single flash card
*  Tracks selected via a push button
*  No message downloading or recording necessary
*  Absolutely no mechanical moving parts
*  Use standard CF card reader to read/write sound files
*  Production updates can be emailed to clients
*  Compact size, maintenance free

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DP-400 is an MP3 player designed specifically for music-on-hold and storecasting applications. It can be used to provide on-hold music/message to holding callers via a phone system in order to keep them informed or entertained. Thanks to its true CD sound quality and small file size (MP3 support), DP-400 can also be used to broadcast a hugh amount of crystal clear audio via a PA system (storecasting).

Most digital onhold systems currently on the market uses either a cassette player or a CD player to download the audio into the system. This scheme has two obvious flaws. Firstly, the cassette/CD player has mechanical moving parts likely to cause problems sooner or later. Secondly, the audio is usually re-digitized or converted inside the onhold system before it can be played. This re-digitization/conversion process often causes additional distortions and noises, resulting in less than perfect sound quality.

Being a second generation onhold system, DP-400 is specifically designed to be free from the flaws mentioned above. Sound files created digitally in a recording studio can be copied directly onto a tiny CompactFlash card without the need for any conversion or re-digitization. Therefore, the sound quality is preserved 100% as compared to the original. At the user site, the CompactFlash card is simply inserted into DP-400 and the unit is ready to operate. Absolutely no downloading is needed.

DP-400 is directly compatible with the industrial standard MP3 and WAV formats, which means that virtually any PC can be used to create and edit the sound file. A CompactFlash card reader is used to copy one or more sound files to the card, and a particular file can be selected by pressing a button on the unit. The CompactFlash cards are commonly used by many digital cameras. They come in many different capacities and are readily available at low cost.

Although designed mainly as a music-on-hold system, DP-400 can also be used in many other applications to replace traditional endless-loop cassette, tape, and CD players. Please dont hesitate to contact us if your application requires modifications of the system to meet your specific requirements.